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Competition for the Washington Monument Grounds

Foi me pedido para estudar os projetos do concurso que visa criar a base do Washigton Moument (Obelisco), depois de ler, estudar e refletir sobre todos os 6 finalista emiti uma opinião através desta resenha.

Você pode saber mais sobre o concurso aqui:


University of La Verne
Advanced Topics in Public Administration
Professor Dr. Matthew Witt
Seminary – Competition for the Washington Monument Grounds

The goal of the contest is to design the Washington Monument for a project that makes the real heart of the nation reflecting the aspirations of the 21st century.
The late 20th century and first decade of the 21st century were times of intense transformation policies and aspirations of people around the world.
The current ideological politics gave way to a more reflective philosophical thought about the true reason of the existential human being on planet earth.
All this by realizing that even with hard work, alternation of power and profit sharing problems have worsened over the planet, instead of improving.
Scarcity of resources, hunger and poverty increasingly become more intense in some places. Not even war to oust regimes and implementation of "democratic" model is possible to solve such problems. It was seen that a paradigm shift is necessary and that only people can solve the problems of people, corporations are not people, by contrast, are often monsters that suck the planet's natural resources at the expense of some benefit. (Privatization of benefits vs. Socialization of risk)
From beginning to choose a project that best reflects the aspirations of unity of the American people was a bit doubtful about the project "Monument of Unity", but then I reflected that this project brings a kind of exacerbated nationalism and gives a sense of imprisonment in unit. It reminded me of the precepts that gave rise to totalitarian fascist movements in the mid-20th century in Europe. The people policing their own people for unity and "progress" and that's not good because it gives rise to various anthropologists.
The cover design symbolizing branches (and bars) argues that my interpretation.
I chose the project "Field of Stars." My choice for this project reflects the opinion of the desires of the American people in the 21st century.
The essence of project is, at dusk the ilumination of each lamp is bright in proportion to the day's foot traffic symbolizing the people wield nationwide.
The people that are stars that shine through their movements, but we are all in unity and shine equally busy, fight for our survival and to take care of our home planet earth. Without having to make distinctions of ethnicity, skin color, political and personal preferences. Remembering to shine just that we need to be in motion.
No doubt this project brings this sense of equality, unity and freedom, because it has no relevance build around just the lights and open field that does not hide the strength of the obelisk as a starting point of all this feeling that makes progress and evolve this nation.

Arllen Lira

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